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Jewish Dating Service gives Tips to help prevent Online Daters Being Scammed

New York, NY— November 21, 2011 - As with most things in life, everything has its pros and cons, and online dating is no different. “Romance scams” as they have been termed, involve scammers trying to con and take advantage of those looking for love online. This could involve scammers using a stolen identity, stolen credit cards and fake photos. Due to the anonymity of the online world, they can even be scamming various people at the same time.

Statistics have shown that on many legitimate dating sites, one in ten profiles are fake. In response, Jewish Dating Site JRetroMatch.com has produced a list of ways to identify scammers so that online daters will be aware of it, to prevent devastating consequences. Victims can be left crushed both emotionally and financially.

Sites, such as JRetroMatch, and its Orthodox Jewish dating partner site SawYouAtSinai.com, have the advantage of having more than 350 expert matchmakers facilitating and setting up its 30,000 members. Profiles are available to the matchmakers first, before they are matched and shown to other members. Having a matchmaker review the profiles, and making calls to members enables fraudulent profiles to be caught before they are visible to those dating online. Although JRetroMatch highly recommends that the Jewish singles independently investigate any person that they go out with, the site does look into members, and does selective reference-checking.

Here is some of the advice that JRetroMatch provides, and would be helpful to anyone dating online, in order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience.

Tips For Identifying A Scammer:

• He/she asks to communicate on another e-mail service
• He/she talks about “destiny” or “fate” within first instance of communication
• He/she claims to have had a spouse who recently passed away
• He/she asks for your address under the pretext the he/she will be mailing you a gift
• He/she makes comments and asks questions that aren’t appropriate
• He/she makes a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes
• He/she directly asks for money from you even though both of you have never met
• He/she claims to be a US citizen but travels and has a job overseas
• He/she tells contradictory or implausible stories that are too hard to believe
• He/she asks you for help with personal transactions (depositing funds, shipping merchandise, etc.)
• He/she vanishes suddenly from the site, then reappears on the site under a different name and identity
• He/she answers with vague responses to specific questions
• He/she reports a sudden personal emergency and asks for financial help. Be concerned if the person becomes more belligerent with his/her demands

The Jewish Dating sites also give the following advice to prevent online daters from giving out personal or financial information with people they are unfamiliar with.

• Never sharing your credit card and bank information
• Never disclosing your Social Security Number
• Never wire-transfer money. Scammers will lure people into wiring money, especially internationally, because it is very difficult to undo the transaction and track where the money went

Jewish Dating Service JRetroMatch helps online daters spot Red Flags

New York, NY— November 8, 2011 - With nearly a fifth of married couples during the past three years having met online, it has become an extremely common way for people to find love. Online Dating is a great way to meet new people, and has a fantastic success rate at making marriages, which makes it really appealing. JRetroMatch.com is one of those popular and successful services, and serves the Jewish singles community worldwide. JRetroMatch, and partner site SawYouAtSinai.com (which focuses on the Orthodox Jewish community), has the differential advantage over other sites by having 350 dedicated matchmakers setting up its members, leading to over 1,300 members married.

As with all methods of meeting people, whether through friends or when meeting someone at a bar, JRetroMatch says it’s crucial that those dating put themselves in a safe environment. Whether through fraudulent profiles or suspicious characters, daters should be aware of the red flags that can be found throughout the dating process.

JRetroMatch, due to its 350 matchmakers speaking to many of the 30,000 Jewish singles and performing selective background checks, avoid these issues more than other dating sites are able to do. All singles are highly recommended to investigate potential matches independently but having matchmakers reviewing profiles is helpful in preventing scammers and unhealthy relationships from occurring. Matchmakers are also there to give members advice throughout the dating process, and discuss any concerns.

With hundreds of thousands of people dating online its important to remember that every person has a unique personality filled with good qualities as well as some character flaws. After all, no one is perfect. It must however be emphasized that love and infatuation can blind us into believing that our significant other is perfect while overlooking some potentially really harmful behaviors, so people should be aware. JRetroMatch has put together a list of red flags to help online daters spot someone who is bad news. Here are some signs the Jewish dating service suggest singles look out for:

1. Too fast too soon. He/she wants the relationship to get serious sooner than you are comfortable with.
2. Is constantly a victim. He/she is quick to blame others for troubles in his/her life.
3. Is discourteous. He/she treats the waiter or customer service rudely.
4. Is controlling and possessive. He/she isolates you from your family and friends because he/she feels extremely jealous.
5. It’s my way or the highway! He/she is very strident and must always be in charge.
6. Experiences panic attacks. He/she does not handle stress well and isn’t able to calm down.
7. Dwells too much in the past. He/she talks frequently about his/her past relationships
8. Is too submissive. He/she is a people-pleaser and is not assertive about his/her needs.
9. Is secretive. Everyone has their skeletons in the closet but if he/she refuses to communicate, gives vague answers to specific questions, and doesn’t let you call their home number, be suspicious.
10. Unable to keep promises. He/she is always making promises that he/she can’t commit to and doesn’t offer an explanation.
11. It is a one-sided relationship. If you do all the giving while he/she doesn’t make any effort to sacrifice for you, he/she is taking advantage of you.
12. Doesn’t get along with your family and friends. These people have known you longer than anyone else, so their opinion does carry some weight if they don’t like him/her and he/she refuses to be courteous towards them.
13. Is a little too friendly. He/she is overly flirtatious with the opposite sex and justifies the behavior by saying it is “harmless.”
14. Needs to be taken care of. He/she, looking for a substitute parent because he/she still can’t take care of him/herself
15. Needs anger management. If he/she has a terrible temper and yells, doesn’t apologize, and blames you for it – run for the hills!
16. Has a difficult relationship with his parents. He/she doesn’t treat his parents respectfully and speaks disparagingly of them.
17. Is always right. He/she can’t take criticism and always justifies his actions
18. Conditional love. He/she withdraws his love or approval as punishment, which can make you feel insecure.
19. Has unpredictable mood swings. He/she experiences extreme highs and lows and refuses to get help for it.
20. Is obsessive with your whereabouts. He/she always constantly asks where you went and whom you last saw.
21. Doesn’t show appreciation. If he/she is ungrateful or even criticizes you after doing them a favor, this person is demonstrating that he/she isn’t emotionally capable of being on the receiving end without feeling guilty about it.

JRetroMatch, SawYouAtSinai and j-junction partner to focus on Aussie Jewish Dating Scene

New York, NY— March 22, 2010 - JRetroMatch.com, SawYouAtSinai.com and j-junction.org.au are excited to unveil their Jewish matchmaking partnership. Marc Goldmann, founder of JRetroMatch.com, a global Jewish Matchmaking organization, stated, “We are accomplishing for Jewish singles in USA and around the world, what j-junction has been successfully doing in Australia. We are thrilled to have found a dedicated and strong partner to assist us in expanding our ability to help Jewish Singles all over the world find their spouse.” Rabbi Mendel Kastel, who spearheaded the partnership, explains its benefits to the single-and-searching Aussie. “JRetroMatch and SawYouAtSinai are a tremendous resource to Jewish singles, both affiliated and non-affiliated. They have advanced matchmaking software, a database of over 30,000 singles and a track record of a thousand successful shidduchim [matches], so we are honored to have this exclusive partnership with them in Australia.”

JRetroMatch model was created to help marriage-minded Jewish singles find their soul mates. Unlike other online Jewish dating services, JRetroMatch combines the human element of hands-on matchmaking with the convenience, ease and real-time of the Internet. The site was designed so technology hones in on corresponding dating specifications and experienced matchmakers, review the more subtle personality and compatibility aspects of the match before members’ profiles are shown to each other.

“Dating can be hard for anyone,” explained Michelle Lewis, the head matchmaker and general manager of the j-junction site. “Here in Australia, Jewish singles, if they can’t travel to the US or Europe to date, have an especially hard time, because the dating pool simply isn’t that big.” j-junction was created to help these singles meet each other in a more discreet and confidential manner than online dating.

Lewis encourages the singles she works with to look at the matchmaking process as a convenient energy and time saver in what can be an exhausting dating process. “Having a matchmaker, as old-fashioned as that sounds,” Lewis remarks, “means that sticky questions like, where do you want to live, or, are you ok if I have kids from a previous marriage, are addressed before you even go on that first date. You don’t have to go through that experience of meeting someone fascinating at a party, only to find out they’re leaving to London the next day.

The revamped and updated j-junction Aussie Jewish Dating site launched on March 25, 2010 and now has all of the key matchmaking features and functionality of the JRetroMatch and SawYouAtSinai platform. In other words, if you live in Australia and have lots of single friends, you better start keeping your weekends free—you’re going to have a lot of weddings to attend.


New York, NY— March 16, 2010 - JRetroMatch.com, announces partnership with famed New York City dating coach and rabbi, Arnie Singer. The 25,000 members of JRetroMatch.com, the online Jewish dating service that blends traditional matchmaking with 21st century technology, have a new resource in their pursuit of their soul mate—the years of dating experience and advice provided by dating coach Arnie Singer, now a featured blogger on the site.

For many people who are tired of casual dating and are looking for a more serious, committed relationship, the prospect of finding that one special person on their own can seem daunting. That’s where JRetroMatch and Arnie Singer come in. Both are focused on helping marriage-oriented Jewish singles figure out what they want and need in a spouse and then find that person. And both, Singer being a Rabbi and JRetroMatch utilizing services of matchmakers, harness the wisdom of millennia-old traditions and apply them to the complexities of modern life and dating.

In this way, Singer sets himself apart from the dozens of relationship experts whose books crowd the Barnes and Noble shelves. “If you’re looking for advice on how to manipulate or ‘pick up’ members of the opposite sex, that’s not what this is about,” he notes. “I take a completely honest, serious approach to the dating process, backed by traditional Jewish values.” He was inspired to partner with JRetroMatch because he felt that using matchmakers to prescreen and select profiles for the members to view was a good idea, a relic of a bygone era that perhaps can be more helpful to the modern single than most people realize.

“Although our matchmakers are great at setting up matches and are very helpful throughout the dating process, at times a person might need more extensive and expert advice from a dating coach” says JRetroMatch founder Marc Goldmann. “Singer’s blog, which is featured on our site, offers the kind of advice our members ask for—on anything from profile picture tips, dating etiquette, and more serious issues of priorities and expectations.” This alliance was struck, Goldmann explains, because he felt that he and Singer provided complementary services to the spouse-seeking single. “He provides the how,” he quips, “we provide the who.”

With over 900 people married, JRetroMatch’s members can attest to the advantages of the site’s unique approach to online dating. Only trained matchmakers view the members’ profiles and suggest matches, an old-fashioned process that reduces the frustration, and anxiety of clicking through hundreds of profiles. Now, with Arnie Singer’s help, JRetroMatch users have one more guiding hand helping them through every step of the way from the first date to “I do”. “Experts like Arnie Singer can be especially helpful to people who are new to the world of online dating,” Goldmann adds. “He can help them with the really hard parts of the questionnaire—defining who they are and what they need. Our matchmakers can use that information in turn to help them suggest better matches.”

Singer cites his own frustrating experiences in fifteen years in the New York City singles scene as the impetus for his involvement with his still-single brethren. “My own years of dating gave me a wealth of experience in the do’s and don’t’s of dating, and now that I am happily married, I can put all that experience to good use coaching others.”

For more information about JRetroMatch, visit http://www.JRetroMatch.com. To contact Arnie Singer, visit http://soulmatesearching.jretromatch.com/

JRetroMatch.com launches February 2006: Online dating revolutionized with this new Jewish matchmaking service

New York, NY, February 6th 2006 - JRetroMatch.com, a unique and one of a kind online Jewish dating website, is now available to thousands of Jewish singles, providing an exciting new way to meet someone special. With JRetroMatchTM, daters can banish those online-dating terrors: say goodbye to browsing through thousands of inaccurate profiles and false photos, fear no more the lack of confidentiality, remove initial apprehension caused from lack of information about potential dates. Instead, JRetroMatchTM takes on the burden of screening and choosing potential matches, allowing singles to spend their time actually dating, as opposed to searching (often unsuccessfully) for appropriate matches. JRetroMatchTM helps (but is not limited to) Conservadox, Conservative, Reform, Secular and Unaffiliated Jewish Singles. This service also benefits Jewish singles with various lifestyles such as single parents, divorcees, widows, young professionals or older singles. How does JRetroMatchTM do this? With matchmakers. Yes, matchmakers! From our company’s pool of over 300 carefully selected, dedicated and experienced matchmakers, each single chooses a personalized matchmaker who fits his or her particular needs and personality. The matchmaker then goes to work, having personal interviews with the singles to discuss their dating needs, sifting through thousands of pre-screened profiles, and then sending matches which meet each member’s specified criteria and preferences. In this way, members can reduce wasted expensive dinners, ease those dashed high hopes, and decrease their dealings with scary singles. JRetroMatchTM offers a private and personalized Jewish dating service (for less than the cost of one bad date!) that modernizes old-fashioned matchmaking and allows members a new, specialized and dignified way to meet other singles. With Hollywood starlets and too-busy executives shelling out $30-40,000 for matchmaking services, the trend is catching on. Now JRetroMatchTM is bringing matchmaking to the masses! Members will have a dating edge—a personalized and devoted matchmaker in their back pocket. “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.....”