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Jewish Dating 101: Jewish Dating for Jewish Singles looking for Jewish Singles

By: Lesley Silver-Winick
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Jewish Dating….a dreaded time for so many. How to meet, when to meet, and where to meet, are the questions that arise. Jewish Dating is the key. For some it is easy, you meet while going to school. But once you get out to the "real world" how do you go about this.

You have spent the last few years in school to get an education, and then you put all your energy into the career that you dreamed about. You wake up one day and find that you are in your 30's or even your 40's and you realize you are at the next exciting stage of your life. What do you do, in the world of Jewish Dating? You know that you want to meet someone, start a family, but all your hours are spent working. When you go out, the chances of meeting someone are not in your favor. Jewish dating..

Or you may be part of the percentage out there, that you did get married young and have your family, now your are divorced and want to meet someone again. The difficulties of not only being single but having children and "baggage" make for Jewish dating quite difficult.

Other factors are considered as well, because not only do you want to find someone Jewish, there are so many religious affiliations, you also need to find someone, who is within your level of Judaism. Jewish Dating…So now, not only do you have to find someone with similar characteristics, a certain education level, background, whatever, you need to find someone who is into Jewish Dating, within the religion, the same way that you are.

So what are your options in Jewish Dating? The traditional way, to have a friend introduce you, through work, school…meeting at a party. But when this doesn't work where do you turn for Jewish dating?

Depending on where you live you may be more limited, but options are available for Jewish Dating. Local Jewish Community Centers, checking out your synagogue/temple if they run programs for Jewish Dating – such as Speed-Dating, Jewish organizations are developing ways to help people meet through outdoor activities, such as skiing or hiking groups and Personal ads on-line and in local papers. If you have the money and love to travel, Singles Organizations plan single's cruises, trips. You can see the world and maybe meet your future spouse.

But it seems like the way to go right now, the Jewish Dating method that is increasingly accessible in the Jewish Dating world is online dating. You can choose from so many different services, for Jewish Dating. JDate, eharmony, jlove, jewishfriendfinder, TotallyJewish, or which uses paid matchmakers to set Jews up is based on the successful

What works and what doesn't, in Jewish Dating? In the world of Jewish Dating, you must be willing to go out there and try everything. For some joining an on-line service, within no time they will meet there partner, for someone else they will meet through friends.

Things to remember: Does it hurt to speak with someone on the phone; you never know who your match will be? Meet up with them, one phone conversation doesn't give you the best way of getting to know someone. Flexibility – try to be a little more…Jewish dating is difficult but if you limit yourself to Postal Codes/Zip Codes, you probably won't meet. Relocation, yes it is difficult, but depending on where you live it may be hard not to be open for it. Also take into consideration, that some woman may be the higher earner, maybe consider moving to the area where it will benefit both of you. What you may consider to be your ideal match won't be. Especially as we get older, try to be a little more open minded and honest with yourselves, if you aren't serious then don't put someone through this. Jewish Dating is difficult enough don't get into it and say you are serious if you are not.

Options are out there, but by sitting around and waiting, you will not meet anyone. By taking a proactive role to Jewish Dating, and getting involved you will maximize your chance of finding your match. If you enjoy being active join the groups with different activities, you may not meet your partner, but you will get out and have some fun, and maybe meet some really nice people. It may take time, and it may be quite frustrating, but so is life… this is just the beginning to the challenges and exciting times that lie ahead. Jewish Dating, a time to enjoy, look forward to, as ultimately you are looking for your soul mate, your best friend, your partner. So have fun in the world of Jewish Dating…

About Author:

Lesley has been working as a Jewish Matchmaker on the JRetroMatch and works with Jewish Singles all over the world. She has been working in Social Services for the past 20 years in different capacities. Getting married at age 40 has brought her to experience first hand the world of dating for an extended period of time and hopes that her experiences can be helpful to others. She is the proud mother of 4 children, two being step children and looks forward to helping Jewish singles.

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