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Jewish Singles: Jewish Singles Dating Challenges

By: Suzanne Zettel
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In our fast paced life, Jewish singles like to show they are moving with the flow. Jewish singles are always clutching a cell phone, which gets placed in a conspicuous place so that Jewish singles can anxiously glance at it every few moments to let everyone know they are expecting that all important phone call from their special person. Palm pilots appear every time Jewish singles need to make a date because with an agenda so full there is a fear of double booking. Jewish singles are doing just fine! The idea of being a Jewish single resonates with youth, choice and a vibrant social life. Jewish singles are professional, sophisticated and connected, culturally savvy, the type that can be found Sunday morning jogging in Central Park, sipping coffee whilst reading the New York Times and sitting on the subway with the latest book that everyone is talking about. Jewish singles cannot let anyone know that as busy as they are, as successful and glamorous as they are - Jewish singles can be incredibly lonely.

It is a sad fact that even though the Jewish people are more numerous and freer to practice their religion than ever before, Jewish singles are finding it harder to meet a Jewish soul mate. For example, Los Angeles, which boasts 164,000 Jewish singles, is still described as a very difficult place to find a match due to its great distances, its mobility and a lack of central hub where Jewish singles live. The 164,000 Jewish singles over the age of 18 have diverse interests in activities, relationships and Judaism, they wait longer to get married, instead pursuing education and careers and will tend not to belong to Jewish institutions. (Demographics and Sociology). As a matchmaker, I can testify to the amount of Jewish single women who have devoted years to achieving their careers but at the expense of finding their Jewish singles match. To try and ease this feeling of abandonment, two Toronto Jewish singles have proposed an ambitious initiative to try and halt and even reverse the decline in Jewish demographics and provide a forum to bring Jewish singles together. In Toronto, where there is a population of 56,000 Jewish singles, the Jewish Singles world acts as a regular place to meet, a place where Jewish singles can participate with other Jewish singles of a similar age, and deliver a message to the total community of presently unreachable Jewish singles by a mass advertising campaign on the website. The Jewish Singles World is to act as a means of encouraging Jewish singles to be part of a Jewish Singles community. (Canadian Jewish News)

To be lonely as a Jewish single but at the same time to agree that Jewish singles are living in the time of greatest Jewish emancipation and expansion, is a paradox. To be sad and lonely as a Jewish single means that there is an inability to meet spontaneously for there is certainly no lack of fellow Jewish singles. Due to the demographic difficulties, websites such as and have surfaced as the most successful way to match Jewish singles from all over the world. It can provide an immediate connection to Jewish singles who are overwhelmed with feelings of isolation. Internet dating helps reduce assimilation by giving Jewish singles outside of a Jewish network a way in and help Jewish singles to be able to start dating with specific intent.

It is a comforting thought that Jewish singles, whether they are divorced, widowed, in their early twenties or still single in their middle fifties, no longer feel that they are left to their own devices. Internet dating can come replete with video profiles, live chat rooms and instant messaging, to make Jewish singles feel part of a larger, dynamic group. Jewish singles in remote areas of the country, busy professionals who have circumvented their social life at the expense of their careers, divorcees who had not married Jewish the first time around and now want to return to the fold, all are being brought under one umbrella. It is comforting to know that there is a resource that can break through today’s demographic challenges for Jewish singles and reach into the hearts and souls of Jewish singles.

About Author:

Suzanne Zettel is employed as a Matchmaker for Having a Master’s in Social Work, she has always been determined to reach into the hearts and souls of disaffected and disillusioned people. Now, in her current employment, she is overjoyed at being able to reach into the hearts and souls of Jewish singles and bring a smile to their face.

Suzanne Zettel is a Jewish Matchmaker on JRetroMatch and works with Jewish Singles all over the world. She has her Masters in Social Work from Leeds Metropolitan University and has worked as a Family Guidance Counselor in Toronto, Canada. As an employee of JRetromatch, Suzanne is able to use her many life experiences and challenges to truly reach every one of her members, opening up their hearts and souls so they can receive and appreciate the many joys of Jewish dating and marriage.

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