Free Limited Basic Membership

This service is FREE

  • Input your Profile into our Worldwide database in a limited capacity.
  • You do not have a personal matchmaker. They can suggest a match to you if you show up as a potential match for one of their Gold Members, but they cannot search specifically for you.
    • Maximum of one (1) match per week may be sent to you for your review
    • If you wish to accept a match you must upgrade to Gold Membership
  • Receive Emails from matchmakers, but No Email reply capability.

Comparison between Gold and Basic Membership

Feature Gold Member Basic Member
Insert profile in Worldwide database Yes Yes
Discreet and personalized service Yes Yes
Receive matches Yes Only one per week
Your own Personal matchmaker Yes No
Agent to search for a match for you every week Yes No
Meet with personal matchmaker at our featured events Yes No
Seek advice and input from your matchmaker via email or phone Yes No
Email access to all matchmakers Yes No
Priority listing for potential matches Yes No
View potential matches profile Yes Maximum one per week
Accept, Decline or hold match Yes Must upgrade to Accept
Access to Articles Yes Yes
Access to event listing Yes Yes